Monday, January 18, 2021
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Show & Tell

Show n Tell Jan 06

Curly Maple 4" high, by Andy Turnbull

Bowls in Ironwood burl 2.5"x6", finished in wallnut oil and beeswax. By Frank Fromberger

Elm and Walnut, 6"x7", finished in paint and polish. By Mark Taylor

Pin Cherry, 4"x10.5, finished in beeswax and mineral oil. By Mike Brazeau

Redwood, 12", finished in oil. By Molly Winton

Lilac, 12"x5", finished in oil. By Peter Wright

Lilac piece. By Peter Wright

Scott Millard

Myrtle and Wenge, 6" diameter, finished in oil. By Wally Dickerman

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