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Congratulations and thank you to ALL members who submitted projects in the 2021 Spring Competition.   Without so many contributions we could not have had such a wonderful and competitive event.

The gallery of images below (click photos to enlarge) highlight the top-3 winners from each of the following categories:

      • Novice Small
      • Novice Large
      • Intermediate Small 
      • Intermediate Large 
      • Open Small 
      • Open Large
      • Segmented

Click photos below to enlarge, and use the arrow buttons to scroll left/right through the photo album.

21 photo(s) Updated on: June 14, 2021
  • Intermediate Large - 1st place, John Pegg
  • Intermediate Large - 2nd place, Gary Kirkwood
  • Intermediate Large - 3rd place, Gary Kirkwood
  • Intermediate Small - 1st place, Brent Beacroft
  • Intermediate Small - 2nd place, Rick Ferris
  • Novice Large - 1st place, and "Most Promising Novice" award, Scott Tipping
  • Novice Large - 2nd place, Gary Morphet
  • Novice Large - 3rd place, Rob Peachy
  • Novice Small - 1st place, Scott Tipping
  • Novice Small - 2nd place, Suzanne Wood
  • Novice Small - 3rd place, Gary Morphet
  • Open Large - 1st place, Charles Jordan
  • Open Large - 2nd place and "Best In Show" Maurice Solar
  • Open Large - tied for 3rd place, Don Svob
  • Open Large - tied for 3rd place, Keith Robinson
  • Open Small - 1st place, Malcolm Cumming
  • Open Small - 2nd place, David Senecal
  • Open Small - 3rd place, Keith Robinson
  • Segmented - 1st place, Maurice Solar
  • Segmented - 2nd place, John Bender
  • Segmented - 3rd place, Gerry Bell

2020 Spring Competition Winners

The 2020 Spring Competition was moved into a virtual format thanks to Covid lockdowns and safety restrictions.  The attached document highlights the winners of each category. 

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