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2021 Spring Competition

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2021 Spring Competition Winners

The 2021 Virtual Spring Competition was another great online success.   The attached PowerPoint presentation was shared by the club President on June 10, 2021 when announcing the winners of each category. 

Special thanks to Celine Duguay, President of the Ottawa Valley Woodturners Club for serving as our external judge who decided on the "Most Promising Novice" and the "Best In Show" awards.

The 2021 Most Promising Novice award

was presented to Scott Tipping for his

Chatoyance Starburst salad bowl.

The 2021 Best In Show award 

was presented to Maurice Solar for his

Honey Locust and epoxy hollow form.

Welcome to the Golden Horseshoe Woodturners Guild 2021 Spring Competition.

Click here for the 2021 Spring Competition Rules & Virtual Guidelines  

Click here for the 2021 Spring Competition Entry Form.     

  • Winners were announced at the regular meeting on Thursday, June 10th

"Everyone is encouraged, from Novice to Master, to enter and share your beautiful pieces."


NS-1 Michael MacLeod

NS-2 Keith Dunham

NS-3 Keith Dunham

NS-4 Scott Tipping  - 1st

NS-5 Gary Morphet  - 3rd

NS-6 Suzanne Wood  - 2nd


NL-1 Michael MacLeod

NL-2 Scott Tipping  - 1st

NL-3 Gary Morphet  - 2nd

NL-4 Mike Dawson

NL-5 Suzanne wood

NL-6 Rob Peachy  - 3rd


IS-1 Brent Beacroft  - 1st

IS-2 Rick Ferris  - 2nd


IL-1 John Pegg  - 1st

IL-2 Brent Beacroft

IL-3 Gary Kirkwood  - 3rd

IL-4 Gary Kirkwood  - 2nd

IL-5 Rick Ferris


OPEN - SMALL category   (OS-#)

OS-1 David Senecal  - 2nd

OS-2 Keith Robinson  - 3rd

OS-3 Scott Millard

OS-4 Malcolm Cumming  - 1st

OS-5 Mike Brazeau

OS-6 Ozzie Tatone

OPEN - LARGE category   (OL-#)

OL-1 Gerry Bell

OL-2 Don Svob  - 3rd (tie)

OL-3 Maurice Solar  - 2nd

OL-4 Don Svob

OL-5 Joe Slaman

OL-6 Joe Slaman

OL-7 Keith Robinson  - 3rd (tie)

OL-8 Charles Jordan

OL-9 Sandy Zimmerman

OL-10 Charles Jordan  - 1st

OL-11 Sandy Zimmerman

OL-12 Bernie Kamutzki

OL-13 Bernie Kamutzki

OL-14 Malcolm Cumming

OL-15 David Senecal

OL-16 Noel Beach

OL-17 Mike Brazeau

OL-18 Neal Hardie

OL-19 Jim Wright

OL-20 Jim Wright

OL-21 Ozzie Tatone


S-1 John Bender  - 2nd

S-2 Maurice Solar  - 1st

S-3 Gerry Bell  - 3rd

S-4 Mike Wilkins

S-5 Noel Beach

S-6 Rob Peachy

Review the photos by clicking on a photo  to enlarge it and use the arrows to move left/right through the pictures.

Each photo shows an identifier code (e.g. NS-22) and the dimensions of each piece. 

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