2021 Spring Competition

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Welcome to the Golden Horseshoe Woodturners Guild 2021 Spring Competition.

Click here for the 2021 Spring Competition Rules & Virtual Guidelines  

Click here for the 2021 Spring Competition Entry Form.     

  • Winners were announced at the regular meeting on Thursday, June 10th

"Everyone is encouraged, from Novice to Master, to enter and share your beautiful pieces."


NS-1 Michael MacLeod

NS-2 Keith Dunham

NS-3 Keith Dunham

NS-4 Scott Tipping  - 1st

NS-5 Gary Morphet  - 3rd

NS-6 Suzanne Wood  - 2nd


NL-1 Michael MacLeod

NL-2 Scott Tipping  - 1st

NL-3 Gary Morphet  - 2nd

NL-4 Mike Dawson

NL-5 Suzanne wood

NL-6 Rob Peachy  - 3rd


IS-1 Brent Beacroft  - 1st

IS-2 Rick Ferris  - 2nd


IL-1 John Pegg  - 1st

IL-2 Brent Beacroft

IL-3 Gary Kirkwood  - 3rd

IL-4 Gary Kirkwood  - 2nd

IL-5 Rick Ferris


OPEN - SMALL category   (OS-#)

OS-1 David Senecal  - 2nd

OS-2 Keith Robinson  - 3rd

OS-3 Scott Millard

OS-4 Malcolm Cumming  - 1st

OS-5 Mike Brazeau

OS-6 Ozzie Tatone

OPEN - LARGE category   (OL-#)

OL-1 Gerry Bell

OL-2 Don Svob  - 3rd (tie)

OL-3 Maurice Solar  - 2nd

OL-4 Don Svob

OL-5 Joe Slaman

OL-6 Joe Slaman

OL-7 Keith Robinson  - 3rd (tie)

OL-8 Charles Jordan

OL-9 Sandy Zimmerman

OL-10 Charles Jordan  - 1st

OL-11 Sandy Zimmerman

OL-12 Bernie Kamutzki

OL-13 Bernie Kamutzki

OL-14 Malcolm Cumming

OL-15 David Senecal

OL-16 Noel Beach

OL-17 Mike Brazeau

OL-18 Neal Hardie

OL-19 Jim Wright

OL-20 Jim Wright

OL-21 Ozzie Tatone


S-1 John Bender  - 2nd

S-2 Maurice Solar  - 1st

S-3 Gerry Bell  - 3rd

S-4 Mike Wilkins

S-5 Noel Beach

S-6 Rob Peachy

Review the photos by clicking on a photo  to enlarge it and use the arrows to move left/right through the pictures.

Each photo shows an identifier code (e.g. NS-22) and the dimensions of each piece. 

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